What is UQIES? And why should you join us?

We are on a mission to become the most influential and active entrepreneurship society at The University of Queensland.

With roughly $15,000 in competition prize money available AND an international trip

Our Story

Innovation and Entrepreneurship is no longer restricted to laboratories and a million dollar funding. The opportunity to innovate is no longer restricted to a select few people. And that is the very purpose of the UQIES as a society- to provide everyone an opportunity and a platform to give their idea a shot.

We are not a society that does 20 events a semester. We are a society that comes up with 200 ideas which are all equally interesting and fascinating.

Members of our society are working on ideas ranging from drone technology to neuro-based learning to coffee ordering apps. We discuss ideas ranging from Space exploration to open education.Come join our community or sign up to keep upto date with what's happening!

Our Values

Our culture is best articulated through our values and operating principles. Our values at the set of guiding principles that help us and our community agree on what matters. Our Operating Principles are practical guidance for how to put these values into action.