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How can we improve sustainbility to ensure our communities not survive but thrive in the modern era

Resources and recycling

How might we reuse/recycle materials while minimising any environmental impacts?

E-waste and batteries at their end of life contain many valuable metals which cannot be discarded OR the cost of collecting and processing of the recyclables should be decreased not to exceed their value as a product that can be sold back to the industry.

Green Energy

How might we improve/replace the existing energy sources?

Emissions challenges that resources industry faces require modern solutions which might be solved by the combination of renewable energy sources  and long-duration energy storage OR a wider variety of businesses should be stimulated to use green energy sources

Industry Engagement

How might we cooperate with industries to move towards the sustainable future?

The existing deficit in the graduates trained to deal with the sustainability challenges slow the progress of the resources industry down OR the local communities don’t have a significant role in the industries operations.

Behaviour Changes

How might we change the behaviour of individuals and industries?

Consumers don’t know much about the value of the materials used in the products and the effect of their production on the environment OR more households could use the renewable sources of energy and generate less emissions.

Sustainable Futures!

Global events including the pandemic and natural disasters highlight these disadvantages and barriers to access and give us fresh insights into how we can future proof these inequalities.

We need your innovative solutions to help improve sustainability for culturally, geographically and economically diverse groups.

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